How I use Evernote and Krumplr

Evernote is a dream come true for information hoarders like myself. In a snap, I can bring text, screenshots, photos, and files into Evernote, annotate them, and combine them into notes.

To fit different style of working, Evernote provides abundant tool options to choose from. On my phone, I use their iOS app and sharing extension. On my tablet, I use their Android app. On my Mac, I mostly use their native app and sometime their web UI. I also use the Evernote Helper that shows up in the Mac menu bar and the Evernote Web Clipper in the web browser. That covers all of my workflows nicely.
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Sometimes You Just Need a Picture


It’s true, a picture can be worth a thousand words.  Sometimes you just have to show something to somebody.  Our team runs into this constantly. It could be a video clip we’re working on, a prototype for a new feature, or a defect we encounter in the UI.

There are lots of options out there for sharing screenshots, videos, and files in general. Our team uses Droplr. It is simply faster and easier than all the others.

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Innovation Quick Tips

flying-car2_488_488.jpgChances are, you’ve heard the phrase “We need to be more innovative!” or even uttered it yourself, at some point in your career. The problem is, we can’t just decide to be more innovative and expect it to happen magically. If we could, I’d be in my flying car right now! But there are some simple things we can do to give ourselves a better chance at coming up with great new ideas.
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Gates, Buffet, Musk, and You

Bill Gates reads a lot. So does Warren Buffet. Elon Musk devoured books when he was younger. I don’t know if he still does, since I haven’t yet finished reading “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”.

Keeping up-to-date requires reading, usually a lot of reading. Blogs, articles, books. It doesn’t matter if you have your own business, manage people, or if you are an intern – we all want to read more. But as we all know, getting reading done is tricky. The days are too short and reading competes with all the other things we need to do.

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3 Steps to Satisfaction and Happiness

“I always look for ways to get more things done in the time I have.” We hear this sentence a lot, particularly from leaders. It sounds good but it’s not quite right. What we’re really looking for is that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction. The satisfaction that we got things done, that we moved things forward, and that those things mattered the most. The satisfaction that we gained insights and now have more clarity. That makes us happy, at least a little bit.
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iOS Sharing

iOS 8 introduced sharing as one way for users to share the data they look at in one app with another app. You can, for example, add the article you found in a Flipboard magazine to your Krumplr reading list without leaving Flipboard. You also can turn a tweet into a Krumplr to-do right in Tweetbot. Sharing works in Flipboard and Tweetbot and Thousands of other apps. It is a great and simple way to feed your favorite apps information you have in other places.

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