All Aboard!

If you’ve been following along on our journey, you know that we’ve been pouring all our energy into making a great to-do manager. One that understands that you are using many applications that contain to-dos in one form or another and shows you all of them. So we’ve not only been continuously adding function and polish to our iOS and web apps but we’ve also been adding support for more sources of to-dos.

As we’ve moved forward with enhancing Krumplr, we’re also aware of a couple realities:

  1. Our iOS app didn’t make any effort to convince people to create an account once they had downloaded the app from the app store.
  2. Ours users had to figure out how to connect other sources of to-dos on their own. We didn’t really help them, even when they were new.

We made a conscious decision to focus on building function before tackling these problems. But with the features we’ve added recently – dynamic lists connected to Gmail, Evernote, Asana, and Quip and the ability to forward emails into Krumplr – we hit a tipping point where our capabilities really called for a better getting started experience.

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We’ve Got Mail

If you’ve tried our Gmail integration, you’ve seen how we track your email to-dos. But what if you don’t use Gmail or you have a combination of mail services? Well, if we don’t have an integration for your mail system of choice yet, now you can just forward any email into Krumplr. It’s also handy on mobile; anything you can share via email you can send to your to-do list.

Creating a to-do by email is as easy as sending a message to the special email address we create for every Krumplr account.

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