How I use Evernote and Krumplr

Evernote is a dream come true for information hoarders like myself. In a snap, I can bring text, screenshots, photos, and files into Evernote, annotate them, and combine them into notes.

To fit different style of working, Evernote provides abundant tool options to choose from. On my phone, I use their iOS app and sharing extension. On my tablet, I use their Android app. On my Mac, I mostly use their native app and sometime their web UI. I also use the Evernote Helper that shows up in the Mac menu bar and the Evernote Web Clipper in the web browser. That covers all of my workflows nicely.

I often take notes when browsing and reading articles online. For all those on-the-fly notes I use a dedicated notebook called ‘Quick Notes’. ‘Quick Notes’ is my Evernote Default Notebook, and I configured the Evernote Web Clipper to always store new notes in it.

Since all notes in ‘Quick Notes’ need some kind of follow-up, I have an Evernote list in Krumplr called ‘Inbox’ that is based on the ‘Quick Notes’ notebook.

merge_signTo keep things simple, I use the ‘Inbox’ list as my Quick Entry list in Krumplr. This way all my new notes and to-dos automatically show up together on one list. It works for all notes I create using the Evernote Helper, the Web Clipper, or the note-creation shortcut in the Evernote iOS app. It also works for all to-dos I create via email to my Krumplr address, the iOS sharing extension, Quick Entry in the iOS app, or the Krumplr browser bookmarklet.

Once a day, usually first thing in the morning, I go through my ‘Inbox’ list and move all the entries it contains to their proper lists and places. Yup, I’ve got a zero-inbox rule and I stick to it.

Happy Krumpling!

PS: If you want to reproduce my setup, here are the 5 steps:

  1. Create a ‘Quick Notes’ Evernote notebook.
  2. Set the ‘Quick Notes’ notebook as your Evernote Default Notebook.
  3. Configure the Evernote Web Clipper to store new notes in ‘Quick Notes’
  4. Create a Krumplr Evernote list called ‘Inbox’. Use the search option: notebook:”Quick Notes”.
  5. Set ‘Inbox’ as your Krumplr Quick Entry list.

Here is what it looks like in the Krumplr web UI:

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