It’s Your Time

Ever since the Apple Watch came out, I’ve been interested in the impact on its users. No wonder, this morning the article “Future Technologies and Our Screen Addiction” got my attention. It was featured on NYT Now.

Why this is worth sharing? Well, the article says the watch can help you becoming less of a screen junkie. If you customize the watch’s face and notification system to separate what’s essential to you from what’s not then there’s no need any longer to constantly check your phone/tablet/computer.

The author also takes a broader look:

Other examples are rare but you might look to systems like Asana and Basecamp as similar out-of-loop experiences: these record the state of projects, so that teams spend less time chasing each other and more time getting things done.

In both cases, it’s about productivity, whether in business or in personal life. It’s about a system designed to take your time seriously.

We couldn’t have said any better what Krumplr is all about: It’s about a system designed to take your time seriously. Spend it on what matters.


Happy Krumpling!

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