Getting your to-dos out of Gmail


Your Gmail inbox is a common source of to-dos. From there you need to get them on your to-do list. Luckily, it only takes seconds to set up a workflow to make that happen automatically.

The key is Gmail-based lists in Krumplr. You configure them using the same search options you use in Gmail itself. Every time you open one, Krumplr uses the options to look for all matching messages directly in Gmail.

So, what workflows can you set up? Here are a few ideas. We collected them based on how we at Krumplr have set up our Gmail-based lists.

1) All starred messages

Gmail makes it easy to star a message; it’s built right into it. To make use of it, you can create a Gmail-based Krumplr list called ‘My Stars in Gmail’ and configure it with the search option is:starred. Now, when you review your Gmail inbox and you find a message you need to see on your Krumplr list, simply star it.

In some email applications, such as Apple Mail, you flag a message instead of starring it. The effect is the same, it shows up on your ‘My Stars in Gmail’ list.

By the way, when you link your Google account, Krumplr creates a ‘My Stars in Gmail’ list for you. So, no need to do that manually. It’s still nice to know how to do it, though.

2) All messages from a particular sender

For emails that always come from the same sender, such as data usage alerts from your wireless provider, you can create a Gmail-based Krumplr list with the search option Naturally, you have to use the email address of your wireless provider.

3) All messages with a certain label

Labels in Gmail work largely like folders. You can introduce a dedicated ‘krumplr’ label in Gmail and move all messages that should show up in Krumplr into that label. That keeps your Gmail inbox clean and tidy. Then create a Gmail-based Krumplr list called ‘To-dos from Gmail’ and configure it with the search option label:krumplr.

That still works even if you choose to archive the Gmail messages.

4) Use Gmail filters for getting a little help

You can take the previous proposal to the next level by setting up a Gmail filter. These little helpers are a built-in feature of Gmail. Search for the messages you want to see in Krumplr, and turn the search into a filter that automatically applies the ‘krumplr’ label to all matching messages and archives them. Gmail filters are powerful and flexible, so you can go wild with them. Just remember it’s about getting stuff done. So, don’t spend all your precious time on perfecting the filters.


Sometimes one solution solves all your problems but most of the time not. So, why not combine several solutions? Simply create additional Gmail-based lists in Krumplr and configure them for your needs.

Learn more about Gmail-based lists here.

Happy Krumpling!

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