Krumplr Wins Paris Marathon

Krumplr at Paris MarathonOk, that may be a slight exaggeration. I’ll concede that Mark Korir (and many others), crossed the finish line ahead of Krumplr and me this past April 12th. But for me, Krumplr was the real winner.

As with all such events, the real work was all in the lead up.  The race itself was really more of a celebration recognizing the work that went into making it happen. Getting there required months of training, planning, and organizing. Let’s just call all those things what they really were… ‘to-dos’.

From the moment my wife and I got the emails saying “Félicitations” you got in, it became a ‘project’ requiring ‘project management’.  Like many of you, we’ve got our own set of tools we’ve found to help us get things done.

For me, that meant registering for the race with my Gmail account so I could star or label the emails that needed followup.  I created notes in Evernote from the pdfs I received like the marathon’s medical consent form.  This made it easy to mark them up and add reminders for any deadlines.  Of course, there were also lots of website addresses:  links to possible accommodations in France to check out, tours to book or consider, and forms to fill out for registration.  All of those I added to Krumplr using my ‘Add to Krumplr’ bookmarklet or the iOS sharing extension from the Krumplr iOS app.  Finally, we had checklists:  packing lists and pre/post event checklists.  That last one was easy, those went in to Krumplr, too, where my wife and I could share them.

That was great, but I needparis_iphone6ed a way to see and organize all of those things together.  I needed a way to prioritize those tasks along with all of my work to-dos and my honey-do list.  This is where Krumplr won it for me.   With the Evernote and Gmail/Email integrations we added it gave me exactly what I needed.  Since I had connected my Gmail account, those starred Gmails showed up in the the ‘My Stars in Gmail’ list it created for me.  With my Evernote account connected, the Evernotes were in there too.  Of course, It already had the website addresses, checklists, and emails I forwarded to it.  All that was left was to create and prioritize my ‘Paris Marathon’ list (ok, that and a little bit of running).

It really was amazingly simple.

So… what’s next up for Krumplr? Boston 2016? Tour de France (you know where to find us cycling teams) ?

Happy Krumpling,


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