iOS Sharing

iOS 8 introduced sharing as one way for users to share the data they look at in one app with another app. You can, for example, add the article you found in a Flipboard magazine to your Krumplr reading list without leaving Flipboard. You also can turn a tweet into a Krumplr to-do right in Tweetbot. Sharing works in Flipboard and Tweetbot and Thousands of other apps. It is a great and simple way to feed your favorite apps information you have in other places.

Unfortunately, iOS does not make it easy for users to find out how to configure sharing. So here is a short primer on how to enable sharing and how to use it.

Enable Sharing

Applications can not enable sharing out of the box. You enable sharing in three simple steps:

  1. Tap the Share button in Safari (or any other app that supports sharing).


  2. Tap the More button. If you don’t see it swipe the colored icons to the left.


  3. Enable sharing with Krumplr and move Krumplr toward the top of the list.


  4. You now see the Krumplr icon on the Sharing page.



Once enabled you can share web addresses and text snippets from all the apps that support sharing. It’s super simple:

  1. In the apps that support sharing tap the Share button.


  2. Tap the Krumplr icon on the Sharing page.


  3. Edit the text and tap the Post button. A to-do with that text (and web address) will be created in your Quick Entry list.


Happy Sharing!

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