All Aboard!

If you’ve been following along on our journey, you know that we’ve been pouring all our energy into making a great to-do manager. One that understands that you are using many applications that contain to-dos in one form or another and shows you all of them. So we’ve not only been continuously adding function and polish to our iOS and web apps but we’ve also been adding support for more sources of to-dos.

As we’ve moved forward with enhancing Krumplr, we’re also aware of a couple realities:

  1. Our iOS app didn’t make any effort to convince people to create an account once they had downloaded the app from the app store.
  2. Ours users had to figure out how to connect other sources of to-dos on their own. We didn’t really help them, even when they were new.

We made a conscious decision to focus on building function before tackling these problems. But with the features we’ve added recently – dynamic lists connected to Gmail, Evernote, Asana, and Quip and the ability to forward emails into Krumplr – we hit a tipping point where our capabilities really called for a better getting started experience.

We decided to focus on our iOS app first, and so for the past few weeks that’s where our attention has been. We imagined the person who finds Krumplr on the App Store and knows nothing about us beyond the app description. How does this person figure out what they’ve just installed and decide whether it’s worthwhile to create an account? So far we haven’t really given them any additional motivation.

We broke the experience of this user down into three steps:

  1. Downloading the app and deciding whether to sign up
  2. Completing the signup process to create an account
  3. Getting set up to bring to-dos into Krumplr

First we crafted a set of simple value statements to explain what you get from the app. Then we revamped our sign-up process. And finally we built a walk-through that helps people bring their to-dos into Krumplr. The finishing touch is a set of beautiful graphics from our designer.

The result is the latest version of the Krumplr app, which went live on the app store Easter weekend. We’re proud of the new experience we’ve brought to our app and now we’re eagerly turning our attention to the web. We’ve rolled out a new website that highlights the reasons to sign up for Krumplr, the signup process is easy and fast and the first versions of our improved setup experience are going live right now.

We’re excited to see more people taking advantage of what we’ve got to offer.

Here is what our new on-boarding experience looks like right now. Let us know what you think.

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