Evernote Lists

Phase 1 of our Evernote integration was our Christmas gift to you. It allowed you to easily turn any Evernote into a to-do. Earlier this week, we made “Phase 2: Evernote Lists”, available to all of you.

Evernote Lists automatically search the private notebooks in your connected Evernote account and show all of the notes that match their configuration (if you’re already using Gmail Lists that should sound pretty familiar).   Check out this short video to see them in action:

When you connect Krumplr to Evernote, we create one of these lists for you.  It’s called “My Evernotes” and it is configured to show you all of your notes that have an open reminder or an unfinished to-do (open checkboxes in Evernote).  How cool is that!? But you aren’t constrained to just one of these lists.  You can create your own Evernote Lists simply by entering “@evernote” or “@evernote <list name>” when you create a list and then configuring it using Evernote’s search syntax.

Here are a few more details to get you started:

  • You can have as many Evernote Lists as you want.
  • You can delete them or edit them to change the name or re-configure the search used at any time.
  • The syntax for an Evernote list is “@evernote <evernote search string> | <list name>“. The list name itself may not contain the ‘|’ (pipe) character. The Evernote search string is everything you can use in the search box of the Evernote web UI and Evernote application.
  • Here are some examples to get you going and spark the imagination:
    • All notes in a single notebook: '@evernote notebook:"My Cool Notebook" | My Cool Notebook Notes'
    • All notes with a particular tag: '@evernote tag:krumplr | My Notes tagged with krumplr'
    • All notes with a reminder on them: '@evernote reminderOrder:* | My Evernote Reminders'
    • All notes with a to-do checkbox that is not checked: '@evernote todo:false | My Evernote Todos'
    • All notes that were created this week (Sunday-Saturday): '@evernote created:week | Notes for the week'

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