We’ve Got Mail

If you’ve tried our Gmail integration, you’ve seen how we track your email to-dos. But what if you don’t use Gmail or you have a combination of mail services? Well, if we don’t have an integration for your mail system of choice yet, now you can just forward any email into Krumplr. It’s also handy on mobile; anything you can share via email you can send to your to-do list.

Creating a to-do by email is as easy as sending a message to the special email address we create for every Krumplr account.

Emails you send to Krumplr show up right alongside your other tasks:

task list

And hovering them works just like you’d expect:

email preview in hover

You can find your Krumplr Address in the Settings of either the web or on iOS. The address we generate for you is hard to guess for security reasons, so you’ll want to create a contact to get started. You can share your address with someone you trust if you want to allow them to send tasks to your list. And you can change your address at any time.

For most emails, we use your subject as the task name and show the message body when you hover. But there are a couple of other tricks you might want to know.

  1. If your email only contains a subject with no message body we’ll create a regular text to-do, the same as if you created the to-do from within Krumplr.
  2. If your email body contains only a URL to a webpage, we’ll create a task that shows your subject as the task label and render the webpage when you hover.
  3. If your email subject or body contains only a Gmail, Evernote, or Quip URL,  we’ll create a “live” task that links to that document the same as if you added it through drag and drop.

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