Evernote Lists

Phase 1 of our Evernote integration was our Christmas gift to you. It allowed you to easily turn any Evernote into a to-do. Earlier this week, we made “Phase 2: Evernote Lists”, available to all of you.

Evernote Lists automatically search the private notebooks in your connected Evernote account and show all of the notes that match their configuration (if you’re already using Gmail Lists that should sound pretty familiar).   Check out this short video to see them in action:

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We’ve Got Mail

If you’ve tried our Gmail integration, you’ve seen how we track your email to-dos. But what if you don’t use Gmail or you have a combination of mail services? Well, if we don’t have an integration for your mail system of choice yet, now you can just forward any email into Krumplr. It’s also handy on mobile; anything you can share via email you can send to your to-do list.

Creating a to-do by email is as easy as sending a message to the special email address we create for every Krumplr account.

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No Gmail Missed Ever Again

If you are like us, you get your fair share of emails every day. Some of them cause real work. Work that you better track on your to-do list. For example, answering John will take up sufficient time so that you have to plan for it.

Early on, Krumplr started providing you with simple ways to turn a single gmail message into a to-do. You made good use of that. A few days ago we took the next step: Gmail lists. Gmail lists automatically search your gmail account and show all messages that match the list’s configuration. Nothing left for you to do manually.

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