List Season

If the contents of our spam folders, the browser ads we pretend not to see, and the decorations in the stores are any indication, ‘the season’ is upon us.  Yes, we’re talking about ‘List Season’… With that in mind, the elves here have been hard at work to bring you some holiday cheer and make it really simple to manage those holiday wish lists for you and all of your friends and family. You’ll notice the next time you visit the ‘My Lists’ page from your browser, that there is a new ‘Create a Wish List’ link.  It’s all dressed up in elvish green, so it’s hard to miss. Use it to create a wish list for your child, your spouse, yourself, or even James and Kai and Jared (ok, maybe not them…). Once you’ve created a wish list, send the sharing link to your loved one so they can fill it out.  They don’t even need a Krumplr account.  When they’re done, they can send it to Santa so they are sure he has the very latest! You can also send the sharing link to all of Santa’s helpers (not us, the other ones) so they can check off what each of them is taking care of and handle any last minute additions or changes! Best of all, since you’re already using Krumplr, these wish lists are together with all of your other lists. You can star or label entries and manage those items in your usual workflows.  If you aren’t using Krumplr yet and want to give it a try, you can sign up here. We’ve put together a short video so you can see it in action. We hope enjoy this little gift from all of us at Krumplr. Cheers, The Krumplr Elves

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