Our Summer Vacation

Ok, not really.  Maybe we were a little overly ambitious thinking that we could provide interesting updates here while working on the product, listening to your feedback, developing the business, and taking full advantage of the startup accelerator program resources here at PIE.  I can already see some of you shaking your heads saying ‘I told them!’

The good news is that our big ‘demo day’ push that has defined the first few months at PIE is almost over.  Demo day is this Friday, 10/24 at 1:30pm PDT!  If you won’t be joining us in person at the event here in Portland, then we hope you’ll catch the live web stream.  At the very least we hope you’ll stop asking us what the heck we’ve been doing all summer!  Actually, what we really hope is that you’ll get a much better picture of where we are headed… and you’ll be as excited as we are to be a part of making it a reality.

It has been an amazing experience.  We’ve learned a lot and met a lot of really great people.  For now, we’ll leave it at that as we plan to go into more details in a future post.   To all of our fellow classmates:  You guys are the best!  We’ve greatly appreciated all of the support, advice, stories, humor, handwritten cards (we loved those!), flowers (ok, not really), and everything else…  You will all be BIG!

Those of you in our Beta, if you haven’t checked the News tab on task.krumplr.com lately (analytics tell us some haven’t yet, you know who you are…), you really should.  In addition to preparing for demo day, we’ve added a number of exciting new features to the product.  Check them out!

Best, Kai & James

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