Know Your Customers

Know Your Customers is the first thing you learn in business school. It’s also a core message of many of the presentations at PIE. On Thursday I was taught a hands-on lesson about customer insights right here at my desk at PIE.

It was the evening of TechCrawl, an open door event of the local tech industry. PIE kept its doors open till late into the night. At some point I was approached by a young man:

“I need to talk to you.”

“Hi, I’m Kai. How can I help you?”
“In a few days I start selling a hair growth product.”
“Good for you! How I can help you with that?”
“I thought you might be interested.”
“Oh, why is that?”
“Hmm, I just thought you might be interested.”
“What made you think so?”
“You know, I just thought you are interested.”

Then it dawned on me:


My hair length is less than 1/10th of an inch. Over the course of the years my hairline corners receded and my hair lost its color. The latter makes it hard to see in the very light conditions we had at PIE that night. Now, does that make me a potential customer of hair growth products?

At some point in my life, I concluded that the concept of hair on my head does not work for me. It’s in my way. I need to comb it. I need a blow dryer. It adds time to every shower I take. It costs money and more importantly time to get it professionally cut. Thus, I bought an electric hair trimmer. Since then I get rid of it once a week. Every 10 years I buy myself a brand new trimmer.

I’m not in the market for hair growth products of any kind. But I might be in the market for something to the contrary. Taking my visuals and comparing them to others under the assumption of equal value propositions (more hair means younger appearance means more sex appeal) mislead the salesman and put him in an awkward position. His effort obviously was not enough. Know your customers. At Krumplr we’ll try to do better.

Best, Kai

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